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Email to K9 Kampus regarding Anniversary Bash (March 19, 2011)

We just want to say thank you to the whole staff at k9 for a great day saturday. me and oreo had a good time.  it is a great feeling to know that oreo has alot of friends there.
thanks again for a great time!

Kathy & Oreo


Email received May 2, 2011

K9 Kampus, you are you are life savers for my boys, Louie and Charley!       

The last six months have been hard and boring for these two, because of my surgeries.

The first surgery I tried home care twice a day, but they were so stressed, did not eat and

started urinating in the  house.  After that I took them to K9 Kampus for day care and I

realized the day care was the best thing that I could do for them.  So, this time they will

be happy at day care while I recuperate.

Thanks to all of the staff, you are great!


Joyce Berry

Kathy Goldstein with Scarlet

Dear K9Kampus,

I am writing to tell you how K9Kampus has positively affected my dog.  I had  a highly energetic Golden Doodle puppy named Scarlet.  We started taking her for training classes when she was about 3 months old. She went though Puppy, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience and Agility Training. Her favorite part of these classes was getting to interact with other dogs.  Even after 2 approximate hour walks daily she still was restless and bored.  The first time we took her to Day Care when we picked her up late aft. and took her home, I thought you gave me the wrong dog back. She was extremely calm and peaceful. This lasted well into the next day. In addition, when we meet other dogs on our daily walks she gets along with all of them.  If I lived closer I would definitely take her more often. (you should have pick up service).  I usually try to take her for Day Care at least once a week.  We also board her when we travel and that has been a positive experience as well.  We have peace of mind knowing that she is playing all day and only alone in her room when she is sleeping at night.  It sure is better than the other boarding kennels where dogs are crated all day, except for a few walks.

She is now almost 11 months old and loves to go to Day Care at K9Kampus.

By Maya Haugen


When I came to Florida from Villalobos I was confused.  Where were all my canine friends? Where were my familiar human contacts?  I was here with a lady I didnt know and I was surrounded by cats, and they don't know how to play, butt sniff, or "hang out."  Life was pretty dull for the first week.  Then my BFF Terry found K9 Kampus.  She thought it would be a GREAT place for me to go and keep in touch with my canine side.  She understood how important it is for us dogs to stay in touch with our  "feelings,"  and to mingle with those of our kind.  The added benefit is that I also have human friends at K9 Kampus who love me!


Going to K9 Kampus is pure joy for both of us.  I have the joy of being amongst "friends" and Terry has the joy of watching me just be a dog, even if its only for an hour a week.  We both love K9 Kampus!


Maya aka Thunder

By The Brennan Family

So far Caramel has only attended your place once.  In the morning will be his second visit.  But I remember walking in with him so nervous about how he would do.  I watched him and felt like I was watching one of my kids take their first steps.  At first he was nervous he didn't know what to do.  He kept kept trying to get away from the other dogs.  Then suddenly he started wanting to play.  It took him about 15 minutes to relax.  Me it took another hour or more.  I stayed abit longer and walked around the area but kept watching him.  So once I convinced myself to leave him there I think me and my father sat in the parking lot for about 15 minutes to make sure he didn't get upset.  But I don't think he even noticed me leaving.  Anyways After calling a couple times I decided he was ok.  So Caramel spent the day.  He was tired by the time he got home at 6pm.  He still had enough to energy to play with our kids.  But that night he slept all night and the next day he was lazy.  He was a completely different dog. Caramel will be comming to play regularly.  Even though he has only been there once it made such a difference that k9kampus has become a regular part of our routine.  Thanks so much for one tired happy pooch.



The Brennan Family

This is my story about Sylvie. By Elena Hamant


If you have seen the movie Marley and Me, then you know what our dog is like. We adopted Slyvie in September of 2010 when we packed up our two kids, and went for a family weekend to Georgia where my father in law lives. During our weekend we came across this Black dog about 6 months old that was said to be a cross between a golden retriever and a chesapeak bay retriever. They called the dog Lady but she didn't know her name or anything else for that matter. She had an owner who fed and watered her but nothing more. She lived outside and made a home under the porch steps. The black dog took to our two kids instantly, licking them, and following them around. The dog was so sweet and good natured and was even gentle with our little one who was just toddling around. Our oldest played with her for days and was found more than once under the dog laying in the grass.

It has been argued about who said first that we should adopt this dog but someone said it and once it was said it was done. A collar was bought at a local store along with other neccesary dog ownership items before heading back home to Florida. This was when the fun began.

After filling the truck with bags, hooking a boat on trailer to the truck, putting the two kids into the back seat, the last thing to do was load up the new dog who was also to go into the back seat. I approached her proudly with the beautiful teal leather collar fashioned with chrome clasp and she took off running. It occured to us right then that she was 6 months old and never had seen a collar. We called and called untill she came close and after an hour of attemps finaly got the collar on. Next up was putting her in the truck and it was no easy task. But once she got in she seemed very calm. We were tired, the kids were already sick of sitting in the truck and we had 6 hours of driving to do.

That was the longest drive from Georgia to Florida. We soon realized why she was so quiet. She was carsick. Within 20 minutes she was salavating like I'd never seen before and next thing you know, yup, vomit everywhere. Several stops to clean her mess up and 8 hours later we were home. Looking back I don't know what possesed us to think we could just put a collar and leash on a dog that had no training and think she would actually walk on it. On her potty breaks during the trip I had to wrap the leash around in a make shift harness and drag her with me to get her to a grass patch. The only thing that gave her comfort was our toddler, she would get behind her and sit down with the babys head right under hers. This simple action was the reminder of why we were putting ourselves through this. There was a realy good family dog inside that frightened creature.  

The long drive gave us time to think and talk about her and it was decided that she needed a new name. Changing her name shouldn't be hard for her since she didn't have any attention given to her in her whole life and didn't know her name. I wanted to keep her name attached to her home town of Sylvania, GA. Peaches was considered but she is jet black and just look like a Peaches to me. So Sylvie was mentioned and it stuck.

Finaly arriving home we let Sylvie out of the truck and we were excited to intruduce her to our three year old dog Nugget, who is a 25 lb pit bull crossed god knows what dog, and sort of looks like a pot bellied pig. Nugget is a very quiet and lazy dog who has gotten along with every dog she has met. As soon as Sylvie gets out of the truck she attacks Nugget. We were shocked! How could this dog who is comforted by a little girl be so viscious? We scolded her but the attacks continued until little Nugget would not come near us and hid by the fence. Luckily the attacks were all noise and never was a bite taken or harm done.

As the next two weeks went by the attacks continued and we had to keep Sylvie locked up in a horse stall in the barn unless watched so Nugget wouldn't get bullied. We had watched the Dog Whisperer on TV and tried those tactics but now the attacks were continueing and every time we reprimanded Sylvie she urinated. Then she started urinating everytime we said anything loud or bent over to pet her. She was also digging up the yard, chewing up everything in sight, and now misbehaving around the children. I was at my whits end when I was telling a colegue at work and she suggested I talk with Georgia Randall a professional dog trainer that is also a colegue. After a conversation and a phone call, Sylvie and I were signed up to basic obediance class. This class taught me how to work with her without reprimand, and worked to increase Sylvies confidence in herself so she wouldn't feel like she had to be aggressive to Nugget. Sylvie and I bonded during the classes and the practices at thome. Within two weeks she was a champ at walking on the leash and the urinating all but stopped at home. By week three the attacking of Nugget stopped too. By week four I took her for a walk off the property while pushing the stroller and she walked confidently next to me even when neighbors' dogs barked at us. And, she slowly started behaving with the children again. We also used the same techniques taught to us at K9 Kampus on Nugget and she excelled in the excercises too.

After graduating the basic class I decided to keep her confidence with other dogs up by enrolling her in daycare at K9 Kampus. I have to admit I was nervous that first day when they did the temperment test. I was scared she was going to act out on other dogs like she had on Nugget. Sylvie passed the test and goes to daycare now with confidence in herself and enjoys other dogs company.

Slyvie is still a manace though, digging up the yard, and chewing everything. She even escaped our yard once and ran away. Thankfully a neighbor found her and kept her overnight for us. We hope she will grow out of her mischievious ways but because of K9 Kampus she has become a part of our family and we accept her as she is. The bullying of Nugget is a thing of the past and they now run and play in our yard together all the time. She lays under the slide when the kids play outside, and is a master at fetch.  

I am so thankful for K9 Kampus and all they have to offer. They treat Sylvie with love and kindness while at daycare, and have so much to offer in the classes. Our next venture? I think we'll start agility classes.

My story on how bringing my Beagle puppy Jake to playcare at K9 Kampus has positively affected our family:


When our Beagle puppy Jake was rescued at the age of four months – his endless energy had a profound affect on the balance in our canine household.  But when little Jake spends time at K9 Kampus romping and playing with other dogs and puppies, he comes home happy and tired!  Because it is a safe and healthy outlet for his endless energy – he comes home much calmer and is more balanced with his house (dog) mates.  Because they are more balanced life is much easier for me, too!  After spending time at K9 Kampus, Jake happily goes into his crate for a long nap and wakes up calm.  A plus is socialization, too!   It is always easy make arrangements for him to have playtime there, even on weekends.  We never have to worry about inclement weather inssues.  The best part is - any time I arrive to pick him up there are Pet Pals interacting with the dogs.  I love K9 Kampus and highly recommend it to friends and co-workers!

Email to K9 Kampus from Nancy & Juliette Marks November 14, 2011

We love you, K9 Kampus!!  We are celebrating our 1st Anniversary with your Day Care, Classes and Boarding.  Because of you, I was able to keep Juliette.  I could not have survived her high energy and she would have been back in the shelter, if not for YOU!


One year ago, I adopted Juliette from The Humane Society on Cox Road in Cocoa.  I had seen her on PetFinder in July.   A friend was volunteering at the shelter while a family took Juliette into the visitation area.  Her report to me was "that dog acts crazy, runnin' around, paying no attention to the people".  I continued looking........Eau Gallie, St. Cloud, online.   I wanted a dog that didn't bark, around 50 pounds and could travel with me in my little RV.  Many RV parks do not allow Pit Bulls, Dobermans or Chows so that narrowed my chance to find the perfect companion for me. 


In October, I decided to go back for an inperson meet-up with Juliette.  She did act crazy, runnin' around and wouldn't stop long enough for me to touch her but she would hit my outstretched hand with her nose as she ran by.  The handler had to lasso her to take her back to the kennel.  There was something about this dog.  I continued to look....through the barking, the Pit Bulls, the little dogs but I couldn't get Juliette off my mind. 


On November 8, I went back to Cocoa, paid the $100 and took her home.  They asked that if I can't handle her, I bring her back to the Cocoa facility.  She was perfect in the car.  That was the last bit of perfection I saw from Juliette because when we got home, she was CRAZY with energy and had diarrhea on my living room rug every night!  This dog weighed 50 pounds and seemingly, had never been walked on a leash.  She was out of control!  I was on my way to PetSmart to get some pull toys and food when I saw the K9 Kampus sign.  After Juliette jerked both my arms nearly out of the socket when I tried to take her into PetSmart, I came to the conclusion that this dog was not going to work.  I'm 60 years old and she's too much for me to handle.  Feeling desperate..............I stopped at K9 Kampus on my way back to Cocoa Beach.  Angie was at the front desk and recognized Juliette to be the sweet natured dog she is, she set up an appointment for our interview and the rest is history.  I could not have kept this dog if it hadn't been for YOU, K9!   


Now, we travel in my RV and she guards my RV and my home with fierce conviction but isn't barking unless necessary.  We can take a leisurely stroll through our neighborhood or a run as I bicycle while she runs beside, thanks to K9 Obedience Training.  I try to take her to K9 at least once a week, she always gets her Mani/Pedi there and I wouldn't leave her overnight any where else.


We love you all and a big THANK YOU from both of us!


Juliette and Nancy Marks

Good Morning!

Our dog Shilby is an Australian Cattle Dog with lots of mental energy and prefers interaction with humans over other dogs.  Many of the doggie daycare places we have taken her, have her with a group of dogs only.  This isn't a bad idea, but results in her shyly hanging out on the side watching the action.  She doesn't seem to enjoy it as much and doesn't come home tired.  At K9 Kampus, she gets the human interaction that she loves so much and comes home pleasantly tired!  She enjoys going and we feel good knowing she is being well looked after.  K9 Kampus is extremely well-run and professional.  They offer many different kinds of wonderful services and opportunities for every kind of dog.  We look forward to bringing her in each time we decide she needs some social interaction!  Thank you!

Stephanie Fletcher

August 17, 2016