K9 Kampus K9 Kampus New Client Info

To assist our new clients and those that have never participate in dog daycare before we have developed a New Client Handout. This information is to provide you with a realistic expectation of dog daycare in general and provide specific information regarding K9 Kampus policies and procedures as well.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for choosing K9 Kampus for your furry family member. This document was created to introduce you to K9 Kampus, provide you with information on our policies and procedures and provide answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions or need clarification on anything please don’t hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. It is our goal to make sure you are well informed and comfortable with our facility.

 K9 Kampus requires an evaluation for every dog before they actively participate in Daycare and Boarding. Dogs do not need a temperament evaluation to participate in Training and Grooming. However, if your dog hasn’t had a temperament evaluation they will not be able to participate in interactive play during their grooming session.

The Temperament Evaluation involves an interview between yourself, your dog and a K9 Kampus Pet Pal. We have an interview form that we complete based on your answers and you are required to sign the form after completion of the interview. We ask that you answer the questions honestly and directly so we may have all the information needed to properly introduce your dog to the other dogs in day play. You are required to review and sign our facility contract before your dog enters the play areas. You can review this in advance on our website.

After the interview the Pet Pal will introduce themselves to your dog and proceed to pet your dog. This process is for the dog to get use to the Pet Pal and for us to observe several things: 1. How your dog will react to us 2. If your dog will allow us to touch them from head to toe, looking for any areas they prefer not to be pet 3. We are looking for bumps, bruises and boo boo’s so we can identify and log them into our files as existing conditions your dog came in with.  All these details are noted in our computer system for the interview. Once the interview process is complete we will introduce your dog in with the other dogs.

Depending on your dog and the dynamics of the dogs in daycare that day, we will determine the method/process we use to introduce your dog into the play area. Sometimes we will place your dog in a small area and allow one or two dogs to enter, wait for your dog to get comfortable and then proceed into the play area with all the dogs. Other times we may bring your dog right into the main play area. Each day is different and each dog is different, therefore, each introduction is different. For our new small/tiny dogs we may want them to spend extra time with the pet pals before we introduce into the daycare area. Each dog is different and unique and therefore each introduction and approach is as well.

A full day of daycare is included in the Temp Evaluation price on day of evaluation, however, your dog does not need to stay for the entire day. We require at least 3 hours without mom or dad around to determine how your dog will react to being in daycare. Once your dog completes the Temperament Evaluation and has passed you can start scheduling them for daycare.

Temperament Evaluation Fee:  Please call for current Temperament Evaluation Fee and Specials being offered.  Prices are subject to change and K9 Kampus offers many specials throughout the month as well.  Temperament Evaluations must be pre-scheduled and pre-paid.  K9 Kampus only accepts a maximum of 3 new daycare dogs per day (Monday - Friday).  Because of the high demand of parents wanting their dogs to attend K9 Kampus there is usually a waiting list to participate in Temperament evaluations.

Temperament Evaluations

What to expect after your first day in daycare?

After a day in daycare, especially after your first day your dog may be extremely tired and thirsty. This is not uncommon especially  on their first day. K9 Kampus provides water during daycare at all times, however, some dogs don’t take the time to drink enough water on their first day because they are having so much fun, or they may be the complete opposite and drink more water than they usually do and then urinate more frequently when they go home that evening. They also may not rest their first day during daycare because they are having so much fun, they may not be used to having so many friends in one location at one time and just try to make the most of it. Eventually the more often they come they will take more rests and drink more during their day. It will really depend on how often they participate in Daycare.

Daycare Participation

To be considered an active client for daycare we require your dog to participate in daycare a minimum of once every 6 months. If you exceed more than 6 months since your last participation in daycare you may be required to complete another Temperament Evaluation.  Evaluations are an ongoing process and to truly understand how a dog will behave when interacting with other dogs we need to be able to evaluate over an extended period of time and with different groups of dogs. Your dog may do great it’s first day, or week but if they don’t return for months at a time we may never truly know. Therefore, we may require additional temperament evaluations if you have not participated in daycare as per our guidelines. We thank you for your understanding our daycare and boarding policies and procedures

Facility & Daycare Hours

K9 Kampus is staffed 24 hours a day. The facility hours are Monday – Thursday 7am-7pm, Friday 7am-6pm, Sat & Sun 9am-4pm. Daycare hours are 7am-5pm Monday thru Friday and 9am-4pm Sat & Sun (Sundays are by reservation only, no walk-ins available). We provide a 45 minute grace period Monday-Friday (No grace period Saturday & Sunday) for those who work, therefore, no additional fees will incur if you pick your dog up by 5:45pm. You can arrange a later pick-up, however, additional fees apply. Fees:  $5/dog from 5:45pm-6pm, $10/hour/dog until 7pm Monday thru Thursday and 6pm Friday. $20/hour after 7pm Mon-Thurs & after 6pm Friday & after 4pm Saturday & Sunday. Please note that after hour pick-ups must be pre-arranged and a credit card must be kept on file. When you pick up your dog after hours you will sign out your dog with the after hours staff. The morning staff will charge your card the next morning based on the time you signed your dog out the night before.

Reservations are required for daycare participation. We will accept call-ins/walk-ins if space is available, however, we determine our staffing needs based on the number of dogs reserved by 5pm the night before. Therefore, if we have met our quota for the day we may turn call-ins/walk-ins away. You may schedule daycare by using your online portal no later than the end of daycare the day before you want to attend, this process also qualifies you for any discounted specials we may have the day you reserved for. You can reserve by phone or email but your not guaranteed the discounted rate. Discount is only given to those clients that reserve using their online portal by the deadline outlined.


It is important to understand that there is always a possibility of your dog getting injured while playing in daycare. Dogs play with their mouths and paws which mean teeth and nails, so there is a risk of injury ranging from mild scratches during play or more serious injuries. This is the same risk we take when we send our 2-legged child to the playground, but even more so because dogs particularly play using their mouths & paws.

It is K9 Kampus policy to notify you if your dog received an injury while at K9 Kampus. Certain injuries will warrant a written notice (just like a child daycare). We will call you with information on injuries we feel you should be notified in advance and with minor injuries we will provide you with a verbal notice upon pick-up. We try our best not to miss any boo boos that may occur while at K9 Kampus. On rare occasions we will miss a boo boo, especially if it happened during play and the dogs didn’t give us any indication that they were hurt. In most cases the dogs are playing and tossing around and they don’t even realize they obtained a scratch.

It is our policy and goal to note all boo boos in our system and to notify the parents immediately at pick up. Please let us know if you notice a boo boo upon arriving home that we did not inform you about.


K9 Kampus has a strict vaccination policy. There are no exceptions to this rule. We will do our best to help remind you when your dogs vaccinations are up for renewal, however, ultimately it is the parents responsibility to make sure K9 Kampus has the most up to date vaccination records on file. We require hard copy proof on Veterinarian letterhead.  We do not accept breeder or self-administered vaccinations and we do not accept titers. We also do not accept Veterinarian letters waiving dogs of any of the vaccinations. We understand there may be health or age related reasons why your dog is not vaccinated for certain vaccines, unfortunately we require all vaccinations at all times.

Please note that if you drop your dog off for daycare and we realize after the fact that the vaccinations are not up to date you will be required to pick them up immediately. If you are unable to pick them up immediately we will be forced to quarantine your dog from the others and you will be required to pay a quarantine fee. Again it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure K9 Kampus has updated vaccinations at all times. K9 Kampus uses the dates listed on the veterinarian paperwork as the expiration dates for vaccinations. There is no grace period for vaccination expirations, they must be updated prior to the date listed on the veterinarian paperwork. The health and safety of all the animals in our care is first and foremost our priority and we appreciate your understanding of all our policies. If a vaccination is past due, we require a minimum of 5 days to allow the vaccination to get back into your dog’s system prior to attending your next service with us

Vaccines Required: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella and Canine Influenza. Lepto is not required at this time but highly recommended.

Canine  Cough

The Bordetella Vaccine is required to help prevent Canine Cough. K9 Kampus recommends obtaining the Bordetella Vaccine every 6 months if you plan on actively participating in daycare and/or boarding, however, we require Bordetella at a minimum Annually.

It is important to realize  that receiving the Bordetella Vaccine for Canine Cough is just like getting the Flu shot, just because you receive the flu shot doesn’t mean you won’t get a different strain of the Flu. This holds true for Canine Cough as well. K9 Kampus requires the vaccine and we follow strict sanitation protocols daily and yet it is still possible for your dog to catch Canine Cough from any where, even walking your dog outside.

K9 Kampus will post at the entrance anytime we are informed by a client that their dog has tested positive for Canine Cough.  There are certain times of the year that this type of industry will see a high number of cases as is true with cold/flu season for people. It is important to K9 Kampus to keep our clients informed, therefore, just like a child daycare that posts a notice for strep throat, we do the same for kennel cough. In addition if we have 5 clients that have tested positive we will send an email blast to all our clients and inform the local veterinarians that we are seeing an influx of symptoms. We do this to provide you with information so you are able to make an informed decision on whether you want your dog to participate in daycare during that time. We also make these announcements because we know although we require the vaccine it is still possible to contract Canine Cough and we want you to understand the risk.


At K9 Kampus the happiness, health and safety of all the dogs in our care is first and foremost our priority. There are many aspects that we monitor to make sure our facility is a safe environment for your dogs and our employees. One way that you can help with this is to ensure your dog complies with our policies. Some of these are as follows:

Nails: Please keep your dog’s nails short and rounded. Sharp nails can injure other dogs and also our Pet Pals. Long nails can also be very uncomfortable and painful for your dog. K9 Kampus can cut your dog’s nails. Our process is to clip and dremel the nails to ensure a smooth rounded edge. Please check with the front desk for the fees associated with nail trims.  If your dog comes to daycare with long sharp nails we will request permission to cut your dog’s nails, if you refuse and we deem the nails potentially dangerous, we reserve the right to refuse services until you have them trimmed elsewhere.

Ear Mites: If your dog shows signs of ear mites we will freeze your daycare/boarding privileges until we receive an “all clear” confirmation from your veterinarian. Please note that ear mites are extremely contagious to other dogs and people.

Worms: At K9 Kampus we inspect all urine, feces and vomit because it is an indicator of a dogs health. We will inform you if we find anything suspicious that we feel you should know about (i.e. blood, kidney stones, toys, foreign matter, Victoria Secret Panties (Real Story)). If we find worms in your dog’s stool you will be required to pick your dog up immediately.

   Intact Dogs (Non-Neutered/Non-Spayed)

K9 Kampus does not allow any dogs to participate in daycare or boarding if they are intact after 6 months of age.  When your dog turns 6 months of age they will not be able to participate in daycare or boarding until they have been neutered/spayed. Intact dogs can still participate in training, grooming and our weekend events. Grooming dogs will not be able to participate in open play while in grooming if they are intact.

Daycare drop off hours

Dogs can be dropped off as early as 7am Monday-Friday and 9am Saturday & Sunday. When participating in Daycare we require the dogs to be in the facility no later than 11:00 am for reserved dogs and no later than 10am for walk-ins. We find when new dogs enter the day play area later in the day it can be harder for the new dog to assimilate to the current group dynamics because most of the dogs have been together and playing since 7am. Also later in the day, our dogs are usually tired and having a new dog enter the group full of energy can be more challenging for the Pet Pals and overwhelming for the new dog.

If you are pre-reserved no later than 5pm the evening before you can drop-off no later than 11:00 am.

Before hour drop-offs:

Early drop off hours

Although K9 Kampus is in the facility earlier than 7am we are tending to our boarders needs. You can special request an earlier drop-off time, however, it is determined on a case-by-case basis and availability of staff. Early drop-offs need to be pre-arranged and a charge of $20/hour/dog will be required in advance. There are no refunds for early drop -off fees.

If you did not pre-arrange an early drop-off and you show up at our door, entrance is at the discretion of the Pet Pal and you will be charged $25/hour/dog. No Exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Retractable Leads are NOT allowed anywhere on the premises

Due to injuries to dogs, employees and clients, K9 Kampus no longer allows retractable leads on the premises.

Please not use them at K9 Kampus at anytime. We especially do not want our clients to use them in the reception area. We have had dogs and clients get tangled up in the retractable cords and have gotten injured. Please know that if you disregard this rule and a client, dog or employee is injured because of your use of a retractable lead you will be held liable for all injuries and medical expenses. Your entry into the facility constitutes your understanding and acknowledgement of this policy.

Boarding Reservations:

After completing your temperament evaluation you can participate in our boarding which includes all day play! Please note that boarding must be reserved in advance. You can make boarding reservations by calling our front desk or you can make requests using the system online. Please note that boarding reservations are not confirmed until a 50% deposit is received, this is based on the duration of your stay. We also require a credit card on file for all boarding reservations. It is our policy for you to sign a boarding agreement for every boarding reservation. You can review our Boarding Agreements on our website.

Boarding Drop off  & Pick times and fees:

If your dog is boarding with us we recommend that you drop them off to us as early as possible, this way they get a lot of exercise and interaction so they will be nice and tired and sleep through the night. If you bring them later in the day or early evening they will miss out on that exercise and may exhibit anxiety during the evening, which can be disturbing to our boarders that are tired from the days activities and trying to sleep. Boarding dogs must be dropped off between 7:00am and 11am Monday thru Friday, 9:00am-11am Saturday & Sunday.  We do not accept drop-offs before or after these hours. Pick-ups can be after hours but they must be pre-arranged and additional fees apply.

It is reqired your dog is dropped off for boarding no later than 11am.This provides us ample time to play with your dog and exercise them enough that they should be tired enough to sleep well at night. It also helps with those dogs that tend to be more prone to nighttime anxiety. By playing, and interacting for as much time as possible during the day, it makes your dogs stay much nicer for him in the evening and easier for us. Dogs being dropped off later than 11am will incur additional drop off fees.

Boarding pick-up times are after 8:30am and up to 1pm Monday thru Friday and after 9:30am and before 3:00pm Saturday & Sunday. This time frame has been chosen to avoid conflict with the busy daycare drop-off & pick-up times. If you need to pick-up before or after these times please coordinate this with the front desk. We also ask that you are patient with us during this time frame because it is a very busy time during the day for us.

Our boarding fees are calculated based on a 24 hour period. For example if you dropped off your dog at 9am Monday and picked up your dog at 9am Tuesday your fee would be the one night boarding fee with no additional charges (unless you added excursions onto your dogs stay). If you drop off at 9am Monday but do not pick up until 5pm on Tuesday you will be charged the one night boarding fee and one day of daycare. Unlike other facilities we do not automatically charge you another night of boarding if you don’t pick up by a certain time, we only charge you for how long you are in the facility after your drop in time.

If you have to extend your boarding stay we recommend you notify us as soon as possible. If you extend your stay at the last minute we cannot guarantee you the same suite, or the same type of suite. Therefore, you may have to pay for a more expensive suite if your current accommodations are not available. Also a re-suiting fee may apply, therefore, the sooner you inform us of changes to your board stay the better. We will always take care of your dog, so you have no need to worry about the happiness, health or safety of your dog, we just can’t guarantee suites and fees at the last moment.

Boarding Cancellation Policy: Boarding Deposits are non-refundable, therefore, we recommend you are confident you will need to board before making a reservation. If you cancel your reservation with a minimum of 72 hours notice, we will place your deposit onto your K9 Kampus client file to use towards future services, we do not refund your card for a deposit. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice you forfeit your deposit.

Holiday Fees: Certain holidays are subject to a holiday fee. The holiday schedule page is listed under the information tab on this website. Unlike other facilities K9 Kampus does not increase our fees seasonally. In an effort to keep costs down for our clients we only charge holiday fees to those clients that are using our services during the holiday season.

Extra Services: Outdoor Play, Pool, Lure & Other

K9 Kampus was originally an all indoor facility. When we opened our outdoor play areas we decided not to raise the cost of day care to cover the cost of outdoor play because many of our current clients specifically attend K9 Kampus because they only want indoor play. Therefore, our outdoor excursions are ala carte services and you only pay for what you want to participate in.

If you want to participate in our outdoor excursions please sign the up on the clip boards at the front desk when you arrive. We will not include your dog in the activities unless you sign them up. By signing them up you give your dog permission to participate and for us to add the cost to your stay.  When participating in outdoor play your dog is alternated between our indoor and outdoor play grounds. The amount of time your dog plays outside is determined by how hot it is outside and how your dog acclimates to the heat. For example certain breeds do better in heat than other breeds; therefore, we will monitor each dog to provide adequate indoor play time to ensure they do not over heat. During the hot summer months, we allow dogs outside for 20 minutes at a time maximum to reduce risk of heat stroke with a minimum 1 hour inside break between outside trips.

Special Events

Throughout the year K9 Kampus will schedule events for the public to take part in. These events do not require participants to be active K9 Kampus clients. All policies and procedures must still be followed including vaccination requirements, however, there are no restrictions for intact dogs. During our public events all parents must be in control of their dogs at all times. Examples of events open to the public include but are not limited to the following: Lure Chase, Pool Play, Pool Parties, Yappy Hour Parties, Open Agility Fun Runs, Holiday Parties, etc. To receive email blasts about upcoming events, please create an account with us.

K9 Kampus prices, policies and procedures are subject to change at any time.

 We do our best to keep this site updated, but information and prices are subject to change.

Please call K9 Kampus at 321-622-8971 for the most up to date information.  

New Clients that are interested in boarding with K9 Kampus. Please note you have to complete a temperament evaluations plus 2 days of daycare before you can schedule your boarding reservations with us.

K9 Kampus is an interactive play environment (we are NOT a traditional Kennel facility) and it is imperative to ensure your dog will be able to socially interact with the other dogs in our care.

Temperament Evaluations must be scheduled in advance as we only allow 3 new dogs into the facility per day (Mon-Fri) and we will not confirm and approve temperament evaluations until we have verified and received proof of all required vaccines. If you are looking to board around a holiday, we recommend beginning this process a minimum of a month in advance.