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Coastal Poodle Rescue Picnic July 31, 2010

Bark at the Park

August 20, 2010

We are very happy that the Coastal Poodle Rescue group chose K9 Kampus to have their annual reunion picnic. They had over 80 dogs and over 100 people attend!!  Click on the picture above to see the photos we took or click here to go to the Coastal Poodle Rescue site to see more photos. Also read the Florida Today Article.

Davin and Sherry attended the Bark in the Park held at the Space Coast Stadium that was sponsored by the Brevard Humane Society. We met a lot of nice people and dogs, passed out a lot of brochures and look forward to the people we met coming to K9 Kampus.

A special thank you to our neighboring booth Animal Emergency Center for sharing your candy and insight. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Grand opening pictures compliments of Patti Wells... Thank you Patti!

Click here to see Poodle Reunion Pictures from Space Coast Business Magazine

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Cooper Petrillo

Shark Attach

Halloween Party Costume Contest


Oreo Cornelius

Shark Attach

Employee Choice Dog of the Month

Cecil Guth

Halloween Portrait Fundraiser 2010

German Shepherd Rescue Group

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