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Once upon a time there was a dog named Sly that made everyone happy that he came in contact with. He loved people and animals alike. He was adopted at 8 weeks old by Sherry and they were inseparable. Sly was lucky because when Sherry had to work he was able to stay with his grandparents so he was never alone. After 11 wonderful years Sly passed away in 2001, but not a day goes by that Sherry doesn’t think of him.

In 2002, Sherry started researching working with animals with the dream of opening a one-of-a-kind Dog Play Center that provided more than just Day Care and Boarding. Sherry realized that there are very few places you can go with your dog, and people who love animals love to go everywhere with them! K9 Kampus was developed with animal lovers in mind and specifically in memory of Sly Dog.

Sherry made a promise to herself that she would bring a new dog into the family when she had a business so she could bring him to everyday. So there was a lot of incentive to getting K9 Kampus up and running.

After nearly 9 years and with the love and support from her husband, Davin,  K9 Kampus opened its doors on March 15th, 2010 and it has changed the way people view Dog Day Care and Boarding. K9 Kampus offers so much more and is a business dedicated to the love and care of animals, primarily dogs but we also offer the largest kitty Kondos around and we also board other small animals and offer the only family room where you can board your dogs and cats together, or other breeds of animals from the same family. It is our commitment to offer superior services and customer interaction that will make our two and four legged clients happy and looking forward to coming back again and again.

K9 Kampus wants to be not only your dog’s home away from home but a place where you will want to come and enjoy time with your dog. Our hours and services were developed with you and your dog in mind.

If we don’t have something that you would like to have available to you, tell us about it! Chances are we will be able to accommodate you. Your opinion means a lot to us.

About Us

Davin Ruohomaki

Sherry Ruohomaki

Isabella Ruohomaki

Sly Dog when he was just 9 weeks old

We loved going to the beach

Sly with Sherry about to go on a Sunday Cruise

Just too cute

Sly loved the water

A very curious puppy...don’t worry he didn’t take a sip

Sly in his favorite chair...until he grew too big