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Public Events/Park Hours

Our Park Play will be available during scheduled events only.

Please check our website for our next scheduled event.

Our park is not available for walk-in open play during the week.

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Facility Hours  9am - 4pm

Daycare by Reservation Only 9am-4pm**

No Tours or Temperament Evals on Sundays.

Monday - Thursday

Facility Hours

7am - 7pm

Daycare Hours


Hours of Operation


Facility Hours

7am - 6pm

Daycare Hours



Facility Hours

9am - 4pm

Daycare Hours


9am - 4pm

Closed for daycare and boarding drop off and Pick Up on;
Easter Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.
Closed for Staff Lunch everyday from 1:00pm-1:30pm


Welcome to K9 Kampus!

We know there aren’t many options available for you and your dog, that’s why K9 Kampus has dedicated itself to providing you with more options when it comes to caring for your dog... and we broke the mold as to what was previously known as kenneling your dog...

K9 Kampus is Brevard’s largest and only indoor luxury cage-free boarding facility with all day play included what could be better than that…No hidden fees and no extra fees for feedings, medications or play time what else could you ask for…how about convenient drop-off and pick up times 7 days a week with after hours pick-ups available (after hour fees apply)

The only way it could get any better is to add a multi-level outdoor playground, a large in ground swimming pool with a zero entry design to make it easier for all size dogs to enter and a extra large Lure/Chase course! Our 35,000 square foot outdoor expansion offering all this and more will be available soon. Now you can add on these excursions to your dogs stay for a real DOGCATION!! During the week our Lure/Chase course and Pool will be available for our daycare and boarding clients.

At K9 Kampus we treat your dog like family; they will get lots of love, attention and playtime from our Pet Pals, plus all day play with other dogs at no additional cost. Boarding dogs receive a 2 hour break mid-day to help prevent the dogs from being over-exhausted. We are a full service facility that provides professional grooming, daycare, boarding and training classes in:  Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience and AKC Star Puppy Kindergarten. Plus we have a huge indoor facility so you don’t have to worry about the Florida heat, humidity, dirt or bugs or rain either!

If your dog is a valued member of your family then K9 Kampus is the only place for your dog to stay when you’re away. Whether it’s for the day, a night , 2 weeks or longer K9 Kampus is your dogs’ home away from home.

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Stay!!!! Play!!! Jump!!

* Daycare ends at 5pm but we realize many parents are just getting out of work at 5pm so we give you a grace period until 5:45pm to pick up your kids. Please know that promptly after 5:45 we start charging $5.00/hour/dog for pick-up until our closing hour and $20/hour/dog after closing hour. We are very strict with our schedules.

** There are no graces periods for weekend daycare pick-ups. Therefore after 4pm there is a $20/hour/dog fee.

If you have any questions about our hours of operations, and pricing procedures please see our FAQ’s.

Last website update 5/25/2022

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* Early Drop-Offs:  K9 Kampus understands that there will be times that our clients may need to drop-off before out doors are officially open.

 Accommodations can be made for early drop-offs by REQUEST only. Early drop-offs must be pre-arranged and a $20/hour per dog prior to open fee must be pre-paid. This is a non refundable fee.

It is important to understand that all our attention is given to our current boarders prior to opening. When a dogs enter the facility for daycare or boarding drop-off it requires additional staff to be on-site, therefore, we require pre-arrangements and fees for early drop-offs to be pre-paid.

Please note that if you arrive before our hours of operation you may not be allowed entry until we are officially open.

If you are allowed entry into the facility before official hours you will be charged $20/per hour that you are early.

Boarding Drop-off Times

Monday -Friday 8:30am-11am

Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-11am

K9 Kampus recommends and prefers all dogs to be dropped off no later than 11am. This provides us with ample time to play and exercise your dog so they will sleep well at night. This is especially helpful for dogs that exhibit nighttime anxiety while apart from their parents. Dogs entered open play after 11am affect the already established group dynamics. Extra fees apply to dogs arriving after 11am. K9 Kampus reserves the right to refuse any dog entering the facility after 11am. K9 Kampus will not accept any dogs into the facility after 11:00am.

Boarding Pick-Up Times

Monday–Friday 8:30am-3pm

Saturday & Sunday 9:30-3pm

This time frame has been chosen to avoid conflict with the busy daycare drop-off & pick-up times. If you need to pick-up before or after these times please coordinate this with the front desk. We also ask that you are patient with us during this time frame because it is a very busy time during the day for us.

K9 Kampus prices, policies and procedures are subject to change at any time.

 We do our best to keep this site updated, but information and prices are subject to change.

Please call K9 Kampus at 321-622-8971 for the most up to date information.  

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