K9 Kampus
What makes K9 Kampus Different?

We treat your four legged family member as if they were our own children. We give lots of love and special attention to all animals in our care. We are open and on-site 7 days a week, that includes day care services. Your not limited to certain pick-up and drop-off times for boarding nor are you forced to board extra days. We do not charge to administer food and medications and we are staffed 24 hours a day.

K9 Kampus is a 21,000 square foot indoor facility dedicated to the happiness, health and safety of not just dogs but all animals and their parents. We offer many services that focus on the health and happiness of dogs and peace of mind for their parents whether they are staying for a day of fun in our day care area or overnight in our luxury boarding suites. We give love and personal attention to each and every animal that walks through our doors. Our philosophy is; animals are not just pets they are family members and we think of every four legged furry client as a child that belongs to someone that loves and cares for them very much.
If you dislike leaving your dog home alone during the day or want an alternative to traditional boarding facilities we are your solution, we consider ourselves the next best place to being home. You won’t find any walls or chain link fences in our facility because we have nothing to hide. We treat your loved ones just like our own and we want environed to see.
Whether you want your dog to socialize with other dogs, play all day so they become a lap dog for you at night, or you just don’t want to leave them home alone all day, K9 Kampus can meet and exceed your needs. Try our day care, play dates, training classes, agility training, indoor off-leash dog park, luxury boarding suites, family suite, kitty condos, canine massage, self bathing tubs, professional grooming, private training sessions or just come in for a cup of coffee and relax in our lounge with your dog next to you and with other pet parents and their dogs. K9 Kampus has it all for you under one roof and if we don’t have something that you need, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We know there aren’t many options available for you and your dog, that’s why K9 Kampus has dedicated itself to providing you with more options when it comes to caring for your dog... and we broke the mold to what was previously known as kenneling your dog...

K9 Kampus is Brevard’s largest and only indoor luxury cage-free boarding facility with all day play  what could be better than that…an all inclusive price! No hidden fees and no extra fees for feedings, medications or play time what else could you ask for…how about convenient drop-off and pick up times 7 days a week with after hours pick-ups available.
At K9 Kampus we treat your dog like family; they will get lots of love, attention and playtime from our Pet Pals, plus all day play with other dogs at no additional cost.
We are a full services facility that provides professional grooming, daycare, play dates and training classes in basic obedience, advanced obedience, Agility and Intermediate Agility with more class types being added all the time.
Plus we are an all indoor facility so you don’t have to worry about the Florida heat, humidity, dirt or bugs, even our agility classes are indoors so you don’t have to worry about rain either!

If your dog is a valued member of your family then K9 Kampus is the only place for your dog to stay when you’re away. Whether it’s for the day, a night , 2 weeks or longer  K9 Kampus is your dogs’ home away from home.

Florida’s Only Indoor Off-Leash Dog Park!
Say “Good Bye” to the heat, humidity, dirt, fleas and ticks. At K9 Kampus you can come inside and enjoy our fun park. Now  you finally have a place to go indoors with your dog, to relax, play and socialize with other dogs and pet parents. There is nothing else like it and if you want you can sit comfortably in our coffee bar and lounge and enjoy watching TV or using our free Wi-Fi
With our daycare expanding please call ahead of time to be sure the park is available

K9 Kampus is the only place in the state of Florida where you can sit indoors with your dogs next to you and relax in the comfort of air conditioning while you have a coffee or something cold to drink. You can also watch TV or use our free WiFi