K9 Kampus Web Cam Trouble Shooting

1. You must use Internet Explorer

2. Your virus software might beset too high. Please try lowering to at lease medium.

3.  The Firewall at your location will not permit the web address to view. Please inquire with the IT department at your location.

4. If it is your own firewall, lower the security or add the web address as a safe location.

5. You may have to either allow or install Active X Controls. Click here for additional instruction for this.

6. Verify you have Java installed.

Window 7 users will have to Change User Account Control Settings

1. Go to start Menu in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen

2. Type in UAC and press the <enter> key

3. The User Account Control Setting screen will pop up

4. Slide the adjustment bar all the way down to Never Notify

5. Save

6. Restart your computer

You should be able to log into the EZ Watch system now.

REMEMBER you must save the new setting and reboot/restart your computer for the change to take effect.

If you are still experiencing problems you can call EZ Watch directly at:


Windows 10 Users