K9 Kampus Pricing

Temperament Evaluations

Temperament Evaluations are required for all dogs that will remain in our care for Daycare and Boarding. Temperament Evaluations are not needed if you are taking part in training, grooming or using our Indoor Off-Leash Dog Park. Please note if your dog has not completed a temperament evaluations they will NOT be able to participate in open play while in grooming.

Once your dog has passed our Temperament Evaluation they can take part in Daycare and Boarding at anytime. Reservation for Daycare are required in advance. An additional fee applies for unreserved daycare.

Reservations for Boarding are required. Temperament Evaluations must be performed prior to boarding with us. A 50% deposit on all board stays are required to reserve any of our boarding accommodations.

Email requests can be made but will not be scheduled until payment of the deposit is received.

$40.00 Fee for Temperament Evaluations which include a day of daycare on the day of the Temperament Evaluation. Temperament Evaluations do not include outdoor play.  Monthly special for evaluation my differ, call for most up to date price.

For more information on Temperament Evaluations click here.

DayCare Prices

Daycare dogs must be in the facility

no later than 11:00am

                        Temperament Evaluation

                      This month special  $30.00

                     Includes full day of Day care


               Packages include Outdoor Play

3 Days              $90.00

    15% Discount   - $13.50

              Total      $76.50

       7 Day Expiration

            5 Days           $150.00

    20% Discount  - $30.00

            Total     $120.00

      7 Day Expiration

       10 Days            $300.00

    10% Discount    -$30.00

            Total       $270.00

      30 Day Expiration

           20 Days         $600.00

      15% Discount    -$90.00

              Total      $510.00

        60 Day Expiration


          30 Days          $900.00

     20% Discount  -$180.00

            Total       $720.00

         90 Day Expiration

Pool Play with Daycare & Boarding


Lure Chase with Daycare & Boarding


Fitness Sessions


Enrichment Session


Day Training and Board &Train Programs Available

Scheduled Public Events

(See Website for dates)

Public  Park Play

Indoor/Outdoor Off-Leash Dog Park


Public Pool Play


Public Lure Chase

$15 for 2 sessions

$5 for each for extra sessions


Luxury Boarding Suites include:

Boarding prices are for 1 dog per suite per24 hours.  

Contact us for multiple dog pricing

4x4 Basic Suite - $42/night

 Includes Kuranda Bed

4x6 Basic Suite - $47/night

 Includes Kuranda Bed

 4x8 Basic Suite - $52.00/night

 Includes Kuranda Bed

 8x8 Basic Suite - $62.00/night

 Includes Kuranda Bed

 4x8 Themed Suite - $62.00/night

 Includes Hammock Bed

 8x8 Themed Suite - $67.00/night

 Includes Hammock bed

 Family Suite - $77.00/night

 Additional fees based on:

 Small Animal Suites – TBD

 Prices Vary

 Kitty Condos - $25.00 night

 Largest custom designed suites

 Separate ventilation

 Discounts for multiple cats in same suite

 Connecting units available

Reserve as much real estate you life for your kitty’s stay.


Full Service Grooming start at  $45

& depends on the condition of the dogs coat and the requested cut/style

Holiday Fees

 Holiday Fees apply for holidays.

See our Holiday schedule for details

*Prices are subject to change please call for quote using latest prices.

                extra fees apply

K9 Kampus prices, policies and procedures are subject to change at any time.

 We do our best to keep this site updated, but information and prices are subject to change.

Please call K9 Kampus at 321-622-8971 for the most up to date information.  

Updated 10/16/2019