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Lure Chase at K9 Kampus

Swift Paws/Lure Course Brevard and K9 Kampus is joining forces!

When is Lure Available?

 Lure Chase is available Tuesdays-Thursday for our daycare and boarders and open to the public on Saturdays Pre-Registration requried.

How do I register?

All our weekend events will be pre-registered on-line using our events program.

 Click here to be directed to our events calendar.

Do I have to pre-register?

You do not have to pre-register, however, if you want to guarantee your time slot we recommend it. Each time slot has a maximum number of registrants and Lure Chase tends to book up fast. Also online prices are slightly less than walk-in prices.

Why do have to be entered in the K9 Kampus System?

Because K9 Kampus cares for our clients dogs when they are away from home for daycare and boarding it is imperative that the health and safety of all our clients is our priority. In order to accomplish this we must have each dog that is on the property in our system to be able to easily verify vaccinations and other pertinent information.

Being entered in the K9 Kampus system also allows you to participate in other activities while you are here if you choose. Your information is entered once and allows for checking in and out much quicker too.

Why do you need written proof of Vaccinations?

K9 Kampus is a private facility that cares for the 4 legged loved ones of our 2 legged clients. One way that we provide superior services is not to let any dog in the facility that does not have up to date vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella. The only way to prove coverage is to receive proof of vaccinations on Veterinarian letterhead (usually your last veterinarian receipt will suffice).

Why don’t you accept breeder or self administered Vaccinations?

We hold responsible whoever administered the vaccinations and we can only hold a licensed Veterinarian accountable for administering vaccinations. It is also an Insurance Requirement.

What is Bordetella and why do I need it?

Bordetella is a vaccinations for Kennel Cough. We require it for all dogs to enter the facility and interact with other dogs in off-leash play. We will allow dogs to run LURE CHASE ONLY without Bordetella for the following reasons, Dogs that are running lure are the only ones on the course at that time, the dogs are outdoors on a leash, and they are not interacting with other dogs in off-leash play.

 Dogs will NOT be able to enter any other part of the facility (indoor or outdoor) without an up to date bordetella vaccination. NO EXCEPTIONS

Can my Pit Bull participate in Lure Chase at K9 Kampus?

By insurance restrictions K9 Kampus cannot allow Pitbulls in areas that allows off-leash play.

With that said we can allow Pit Bulls to participate in Lure Chase ONLY for the following reasons. They are on a leash at all times (other than when on the Lure Chase Course. They are the only dogs on the course at the time. They are fully vaccinated and their parents are in control of them at all times.

We have been given an allowance under these terms.  If we find that this does not work we will revise in the future.

K9 Kampus understands this is an inconvenience, and want our Pit Bull parents to know that we LOVE all breeds of dogs, including all Pit Bull breeds, however, we are confined to the restrictions of our business insurance. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions that answers are not provided above please emails us by clicking here.

Our Lure Chase is OPEN!!!

Harley was our 1st Lure Course Runner