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Training Classes Starting

Updated 1/8/2019

 Class start days and times are subject to change  

For more information or to register for classes

email Darlene with your name and phone number

at  darlene@k9kampus.com

Vaccinations required

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

AKC Star Puppy classes are 8 weeks long at $160.00

Monday @ 7pm Starting January 14, 2019


Novice Obedience is 8 weeks long at $160.00

Tuesday Morning @ 10am Starting January 8, 2019

Wednesday @ 6pm Starting January 30,2019

Monday @ 6pm March 4, 2019


Novice Obedience is 8 weeks long @ $160.   You can join at anytime.

 it is a continuation of Basic Obedience

Tuesday mornings @ 11am   

Tuesday evenings @ 6pm  



Class meets every Tuesday in the  Month.  Can pay by month @ $80  or drop in $22

Tuesday evenings @ 7:00 PM monthly

Contact darlene@k9kampus.com


Conformation/Handling Class

1 dog $10, 2 or more dogs $15

Contact Darlene with Days & times.



We have a complete ring set up for Obedience and also for Rally.  We have several clients competing at Trials and we often have additional ring  training.  

This will simulate an actual “Obedience or Rally Trial”.

Contact darlene@k9kampus.com



Tricks Class

Training tricks is a great way to build the bond with your dog and also a fun way to a better behaved dog too. Tricks classes teach a variety of methods to train behaviors, which can then be used to train your dog absolutely anything. Not sure what class to take? Tired of formal obedience? Have a clown of a dog, or a dog who is too serious? Then this class is for you! Come for an hour of giggles, laughter and fun! The best thing is - you will get an official title at the end of the class! Ask us how!

Scent Work

If your dog has a nose and can move, then you should join this class! We will use your dog’s natural instincts and abilities to hunt. Scent work games are  fun and develop confidence, focus, and stimulate your dog  mentally and physically. We will start in the classroom with boxes and expand to doing searches outside and on vehicles. Come, be fascinated watching your pup do what he/she does best! It’s impossible to get through this

class without being amazed at the dogs' abilities.  

Rally O

Rally uses basic obedience moves to navigate a “course” laid out with signs.  The handlers/dog team will learn the rally signs.  These signs are just basic obedience and a combination of sits, downs, heeling, fronts (come command) and finishes.  It is a fun way to work on Basic Obedience with your dog through a course.  Develops  great team work.

  if you have any questions send an email to darlene@k9kampus.com



Agility  classes are 6 weeks long

Basic Agility-

with New Training starting soon!


Intermediate Agility classes are 6 weeks long

  Intermediate Agility

 Indoor Course TBD

with New Training starting soon!

* All new classes will start as soon as a minimum of 6 people sign up.

If classes do not have the required minimum to start the class will be delayed  week until the minimum has been reached.

Please note:

Daytime classes in  Obedience and Agility classes are available on a first come first serve basis. A waiting list is available, the first 5 people to sign up a new class will be created.  Please call to be placed on our waiting list if you are interested.

All Classes require Payment in full to secure your spot in the class.

Cancellations Policy:

1. If the class does not start because of K9 Kampus fee can be applied to a different class or service or a full refund can be received.

2. If you decide not to take part in the class before the class starts a 50% refund can be requested.

3. Once the class begins NO REFUNDS given

It is the parents responsibility to provide proof of vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo & Bordetella.

We only accept vaccinations on Veterinarian Letterhead. All vaccinations must be veterinarian administered. We do not accept breeder or self-administered vaccinations. At this time we do not accept titers.

Thank you

 for your understanding of our strict policies.

Click here for information on our training cancellation policy


K9 Kampus prices, policies and procedures are subject to change at any time.

 We do our best to keep this site updated, but information and prices are subject to change.

Please call K9 Kampus at 321-622-8971 for the most up to date information.